From a time nearly forgotten, an ancient island people were compelled to examine their world and all that was in it. As above, they studied the ember-like figures that burned bright in the boundless night sky; so below, to explore the unfathomable depths of the vast blue-expanse that lay before them. Their profound understanding of their home was immense, yet through earnest-contemplation of life’s greatest mysterious, these brave people began to feel a far-reaching call…a call that pulled at the core of their being, urging them past the horizon…a calling that would lead them to their destinies. Arose the master navigators to heed the call to enter the deep unknown, and to accompany them were the divinely chosen experts, to whom were tasked to fulfill the sanctified purpose of settling new land. Although the journey perilous and unforgiving, the beckoning call was to be answered, it could not be ignored…

Throughout significant moments of pre-contact history, ancient Pacific-islander peoples journeyed to Hawaii, bringing with them their own unique culture. Although Hawaii has a nurturing energy all its own, it is the patchwork of cultures that has given this land a fullness and attraction found nowhere else…it is Hawaiian. With passion and reverence, Manutea Nui E brings the songs and dances of these Polynesian cultures from long-ago, back to life! Let us be the bridge to an experience that is highly sought after, yet hardly found. We invite you to feel the destined calling…a calling that cannot be ignored.


Fire Knife Dancer